Some unexpected competence

I went to the climbing wall today, and we set to work on some new problems I’ve not tried before. They were all thematically similar – a few tricky holds to start with, without much in the way of places to put your feet, and then an awkward bit where you had to move yourself around a protruding volume.

I started off at 8, made short work of that, then 11, then 15. We went on to trickier things like a problem where there was one hold on the bottom of a big box, and not much else till you got your hand up and over the top edge of the box. Somehow I managed that one too, including a tricky bit where I ended up having to sit on top of the box, three metres up, trying to gather my strength for the last part. 

Finally, we met my nemesis, a 20 that started off with three large lumps at waist height (no footholds) then the box, and then if you could mantle your way up above that, a big reach to the top. A mantle is (roughly) like pushing yourself up through a tricep dip, but without having a nice pair of symmetrical bars at a uniform height to push up against, and also executed three metres off the ground. 

With the weak arms of a keyboard warrior, I had met my match, but I could get about half the way up it. Call that a 10?

I went back to the office afterwards, pretty exhausted, and managed a couple of hours more work, but this jet lagged week has been the death of me. Home again via a pharmacy to get something to squirt up my nose and stop it running, then pizza and putting the kids to bed. And on to the weekend… 

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