Back on the wall again

After work tonight, I rushed home, hugged the kids, ate a couple of quesadillas, told the girls if they didn’t tidy up their toys I would come home later with a big broom and sweep them all away, and then ran back out to get a bus to the climbing wall.

I went yesterday for 45 minutes (and inflicted a blister on my little finger by not warming up or chalking up properly) and I was a little sore from that, so my trainer was a bit cautious with me. We started on some simple stuff but pretty soon we were attempting harder problems, in thr 15/16 range. I failed an 18 multiple times, but as it became clear that all those pull ups were worth something, as I’ve retained a lot of my upper body strength. My worry that I’d be back to square one is unrealised; I just need to work now on keeping my legs strong and working more on form, rather than just bashing my way to the top of the wall. 

I was fairly exhausted after an hour of that (or 81 intensity-adjusted minutes, according to my watch) and with a headache coming on and weak legs, the only place to go was home. 

Except I had to go back to the office to switch something off and then on again. Such glamour. Tomorrow I go back to see my specialist about my knee, and hopefully he pronounces my thigh muscles are no longer like soft tofu. Fingers crossed…

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