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  • Back on the wall again

    After work tonight, I rushed home, hugged the kids, ate a couple of quesadillas, told the girls if they didn’t tidy up their toys I would come home later with a big broom and sweep them all away, and then ran back out to get a bus to the climbing wall.

  • Back to fitness

    I went swimming at a friend’s condo pool this morning, the first time I can remember swimming since I went to Seattle at the start of October. Predictably, it was hard; I managed six lengths of a 25 metre pool, twice coming to a grinding halt before I even completed a length. But after so […]

  • Treats that aren’t television and other revelations

    Our first flight, from Montreal to Tokyo, was blissfully relaxing; I got to doze and watch as many films as I liked. I realise now that I reached this beatific state by allowing the kids to also watch as much television as they liked. I.e. for the entire duration of the flight. When we arrived […]

  • Back to work

    Boxing Day isn’t a holiday in Singapore, so I went to the office today after three days off. Most people had taken off the four days between Christmas and New Year (giving themselves 10 uninterrupted days of leisure, less however much time they spent panic shopping before the 25th) so my floor was deserted. No […]

  • Early to bed and early to rise

    Having gone to bed at six without bath or dinner, I expected La Serpiente to be up four hours later complaining, but she slept in silence until past midnight, when she woke and called for me in her most piteous tone. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she was panting, but I calmed […]

  • A long long day

    I couldn’t sleep last night – blame it on jet lag rather than not being worn out from the race and the continuing head cold – until about 2am, when I took some melatonin and then fell asleep on the sofa, waking apparently fifteen minutes later to La Serpiente joyously shouting “Daddy is on the […]

  • Early morning runs and late nights

    This morning I went for a run. I haven’t had any exercise (apart from lifting my child) for the last ten days, so I didn’t think I’d be doing too much. I also haven’t been having much sleep, so choosing to start our run at 6am also wasn’t the happiest thing I’ve ever done. My […]

  • A short break

    I’m missing being able to run. Although my hands and feet don’t hurt any more, I have some revolting purple blotches on my toes and the continued lethargy means going for a run around MacRitchie is quite out of the question. Having not done any exercise, my legs are beginning to ache. Or perhaps that […]

  • Another Monday session

    I got home marginally later than usual, to a baby festooned with pieces of papaya, and didn’t stick to my rigorous eating-baby-while-giving-a-cheese-sandwich-a-bath schedule, which meant I had to sprint out the door and run to the station, getting lost on the way and having to double back on myself, but somehow making the time up […]

  • Sundown 2013

    I think the course this year was tougher than in 2012, although that may have been because I was more familiar with Singapore this time round. Last year, running through the anonymous and mysterious building site that would become the Gardens By The Bay, I had little idea of where I was and how far […]