Another Monday session

I got home marginally later than usual, to a baby festooned with pieces of papaya, and didn’t stick to my rigorous eating-baby-while-giving-a-cheese-sandwich-a-bath schedule, which meant I had to sprint out the door and run to the station, getting lost on the way and having to double back on myself, but somehow making the time up and arriving at the track at bang on seven thirty, not missing any of the warm-up.

A different session again today; 3x1200m in 7 minutes, followed by 3x800m in 5 minutes. This was the same distance as the 5x1200m I’m more familiar with, but perhaps slightly easier in the closing repeats as you get tired. I sat behind Anna, one of the fast ladies, and got a tow around the track; like some of the others, she’d been racing this weekend and so was a bit easier to keep up with than normally. I felt like my pace was quite variable through the session;



So as one might expect, gradually slowing with each repetition, until Anna and I ended up pacing each other to a hard finish on the last 800m. I had a fair idea of the speed I wanted to be hitting on the 1200s but I wasn’t sure about the 800s; still need to do something about that fade near the end of the session, though I believe that as my mileage starts to increase again (I’ve now done as much this month as I had in the entirety of January) that my stamina should pick up. Or perhaps it’ll just get tougher as I get more tired.

I packed a bottle of Bundaberg ginger beer in my bag, and it retained some of the cool of the fridge. Next time I think I’ll borrow the cool bag we use to transport La Serpienta Negra’s milk, and then I’ll be able to have a sandwich directly after training too. Babies may play merry hell with your aerobic fitness, but they can also provide a variety of equipment that simplifies and eases the logistics of post-training nutrition.

Bundaberg isn’t the most fiery of ginger beers; there was an insanely painful one whose name escapes me, that I bought a case of from a Buddhist-run health food shop in Bethnal Green in 2002, there was an artisanal concoction I had in Nova Scotia when driving around in 2012, and there’s a Fiery Ginger Beer you can buy in Brixton that does exactly what it says on the tin, but it still has a bit of a kick to it and it doesn’t taste as sickly as, say, Schweppes or Canada Dry. It’s also not heavily carbonated – although there’s a hiss when you pull the cap off, it doesn’t fizz up and it sits happily on my stomach.

Like all soda, it has a fair amount of sugar, but I reason that after a hard workout, I should be getting carbohydrates back into my body nice and quickly, and it’s cheaper than a sports drink with a clinically proven formula that probably doesn’t make a difference for mortals like myself.

Before or during a session, it’s a different matter, but I believe in having some creature comforts. Back when I competed (well,let’s be honest, participated) in 24 hour events, it was a relief to be able to eat "proper" food from time to time, not just endless gallons of sports drinks and plastic power bars.

As I’ve made it home without turning deathly pale and giddily stumbling across the street, I feel vindicated in my choice of beverage. Anyone else have a favourite post-workout drink that wasn’t formulated by eggheads in a laboratory?

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    • She gets extra nicknames for good behaviour 🙂 La Serpienta Negra sounds more magnificent than a noisy device used to warn sailors of impending doom.

      The sugars after training topic is still a bit confused in my mind: some people will tell you it’s protein you need, or that simple sugars are evil, or that a bacon sandwich is compulsory, or a cold shower, or … nobody really knows anything.

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