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  • An exceedingly busy day, ending with chocolate

    It’s been a busy day. At six, La Serpiente awoke and so we gave her lots of snacks and then she and I went down to the West Coast Park for our run. My friend Gil was there with his dog, Jack, for the inaugural round of the stroller Parkrun challenge, competitors: 2. We both…

  • Gingerbread cupcakes and their part in my downfall

    My wife baked this evening, choosing one of my favourite cakes, a soft and moist ginger bread from the Miette cookbook. It requires a can of stout and some molasses, and when it’s baking the flat is filled with the glorious smell of ginger.

  • Another Monday session

    I got home marginally later than usual, to a baby festooned with pieces of papaya, and didn’t stick to my rigorous eating-baby-while-giving-a-cheese-sandwich-a-bath schedule, which meant I had to sprint out the door and run to the station, getting lost on the way and having to double back on myself, but somehow making the time up…