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I went swimming at a friend’s condo pool this morning, the first time I can remember swimming since I went to Seattle at the start of October. Predictably, it was hard; I managed six lengths of a 25 metre pool, twice coming to a grinding halt before I even completed a length. But after so long off, I’m glad I could do anything at all, and with my crook knee and hand, it’s important to find something to do, if only a little bit of.
After that I spent the day distractedly tidying up the girls’ toy room (where there was a disturbing quantity of gecko poop) and then packing for next weekend’s trip to Perth. I spent some time worrying about what to buy people for Christmas (I have literally no idea for anyone) and then I went downstairs and discovered that I can do three pull ups without using either of my thumbs to hold the bar. Three isn’t great, after where I was before the crash, but again, two weeks without exercise has not been kind to me. Now I know I can do this, it’s a matter of finding ways to get some strength back while I’m recovering. A swim every evening, a bit of dangling, and some headstand practice every night can’t hurt.

So there’s some hope. Now I also need sleep so I’m shutting down now. Until tomorrow (and I hope it doesn’t rain…)


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