A long long day

I couldn’t sleep last night – blame it on jet lag rather than not being worn out from the race and the continuing head cold – until about 2am, when I took some melatonin and then fell asleep on the sofa, waking apparently fifteen minutes later to La Serpiente joyously shouting “Daddy is on the sofa”. It was 7:30am, local time.

My limbs devoid of all strength, my heart weak and my stomach empty, I put a bit of yoghurt inside me and then we tramped down to Tiong Bahru to eat croissants, then walked up to Plain Vanilla to buy cupcakes, and then walked back to Tanjong Pagar for a play date for our kids. Like an idiot, I agreed to carry La Serpiente on my back all the way home, in the baking sun, and so by the time I got to the play date, all I was good for was sitting on a sofa and sipping coffee.

Thankfully the kids fully occupied each other. La Serpiente and Destroyer were models of behaviour whereas the boy and girl we were visiting were out of their minds, having been to Bali and back in the last few days, and were doing that rotating-at-four-hundred-miles-an-hour thing where they just wouldn’t stop moving or shouting or fighting over toys. A bit like ours, on any other occasion. So I just nodded and burbled and eventually ate a cup cake, and then about midday we walked back over to our place, and put La Serpiente and Destroyer to bed.

I should have then got a nap, but instead we cleared out the spare room. It’s only been a mess since we moved in (a year and two weeks’ ago) so there was little feeling of guilt as we went through innumerable boxes full of baby clothes that are now too small for Destroyer, through random t-shirts I received for completing marathons 6 years ago that I’ve never worn, and occasional treasured items that we’d completely forgotten about. There’s now a pile of stuff about the size of a typical wardrobe, piled in the living room, that we’re going to consign to the raving maw of Facebook / redeploy amongst the friends we have who are about to be blessed with more children. I felt that was quite an achievement, so I left my wife sorting through the mound and took La Serpiente to her music class.

Again, she was pretty well behaved, apart from taking off her socks five minutes from the end. There are lots of new songs for her about boats (clearly a reference to her Nova Scotian lineage) and drums to bang, and although she had a minor tantrum on the way there when I refused to carry her every single step from bus stop to class, and another on the way back when I refused to carry her from class all the way to the bus, she was copacetic. The same couldn’t be said for me: all the joy drained out of my life at about 5pm and I felt like I was going to die all the way home. Only by lying on the sofa afterwards and eating cheese did I get anywhere close to recuperation. Foul phlegm continued to issue forth from my respiratory system, and my nose dripped on a semi-regular basis.

This evening, with the kids in bed (La Serpiente went down painlessly, in less than two iterations of Bedtime Bear’s songs, even though we bad parents have lost her book of poetry) I went out for a run. This was the first time since early January that I’d got to wear my compression socks – they were satisfyingly tight and although I left for my run feeling like I wouldn’t manage a single step, I did 5k without keeling over. It might not have been fast, but getting out and doing something is a victory in itself after the week I’ve had.

Finally, I finished the evening off by booking a holiday to Hong Kong. We’re going over the weekend after next to attend a wedding, and then flying back the day after. Because I’m trying to save money by using frequent flyer points, we’re actually returning on the 9am flight on the Sunday morning, but for added hilarity we’re travelling business class, because there were no seats left in the economy cabin. I hope there’s not too many uptight people at 9am in the morning who won’t be able to tolerate the full power of La Serpiente first thing. And I hope we make it onto the plane…

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