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  • A rather long day

    Today was a very long day, because I woke from a vivid dream at 4am (stuck in a prixon, working in the canteen making scrambled eggs for Nicolas Cage who was forcing me to help him pitch to venture capitalists for an app that measures the circumference of your head) and then couldn’t go back […]

  • Random injuries

    Yesterday I put my back out by looking at Destroyer. She was on the floor by the fridge, doing nothing much in particular, I glanced down at her and a fist sized bit of muscle under my right shoulder blade clenched and wouldn’t release. Between that and burns and near choking, it’s been a pretty […]

  • A packed Sunday

    I didn’t sleep much last night – I took a long time to get to sleep, and then my alarm went off at 6 to tell me it was time to get up and go ride my bike. Of course, that woke up La Serpiente in the adjacent room, so then I had the difficult […]

  • A long long day

    I couldn’t sleep last night – blame it on jet lag rather than not being worn out from the race and the continuing head cold – until about 2am, when I took some melatonin and then fell asleep on the sofa, waking apparently fifteen minutes later to La Serpiente joyously shouting “Daddy is on the […]

  • I love meetings

    “You won’t need a mask tonight” my wife said, ever the optimist. Against the best advice of my watch, I was going out for another ascent of the stairs at the Pinnacle, trying to snatch a few moments of exercise at the end of another sedentary day. This had been moat costly in terms of […]

  • In the mail

    Our old landlord came round to our flat tonight, bearing a bag filled with mail that had been delivered to our old flat. Copious bank statements, two credit cards, communications from the Isle of Man and from the US, a new frequent flyer card and three issues of the London Review Of Books. Now I […]

  • Another late night

    I had two lots of Mexican food tonight, first lunch at Frijoles (a burrito bowl) just round the corner from the office) and then dinner at Junkadelic, a Mexican joint in Naka-Meguro, one stop on the subway from Ebisu where my hotel is. Possibly that was a few too many beans.

  • A mistake

    This morning I was booked on a 7:15 spin class. That meant I had to be up at 6:30, and this coincided with the one day so far that La Serpiente Aquatica Negra has decided to be cute and lie asleep between us, looking adorable, rather than thrash back and forth in the early morning, […]

  • A watery day

    I had high hopes to go for a long run this morning, but as like idiots we’d stayed up until midnight last night, even though we knew La Serpiente Aquatica Negra would make an attack at silly o’clock, I didn’t get out of bed until almost eight, by which time I needed to start panicking […]

  • Big Day Out

    This morning I got up from the sofa at 6am and went down to East Coast Park to help out with the Parkrun. I had the glamourous duty of being the backmarker, running behind everyone else to make sure nobody got lost or left behind. As it turned out, I missed three ladies that had […]