Random injuries

Yesterday I put my back out by looking at Destroyer. She was on the floor by the fridge, doing nothing much in particular, I glanced down at her and a fist sized bit of muscle under my right shoulder blade clenched and wouldn’t release. Between that and burns and near choking, it’s been a pretty bad start to the week, so I was glad not to have anyone succumb to any injuries today.

Except I came home to find the kids both wailing, because Destroyer is now standing up, and choosing to use doors to lean on, and La Serpiente abruptly shut one such door and made her sister fall on the floor and bang her head. So the constant blundering into pain has not finished yet.

At least my toe doesn’t hurt any more. The nail has fallen off it though. One step forward…

I had interviews to conduct this evening and didn’t get home until almost eight, and then had more calls from nine until 10:30, so I wasn’t a great husband tonight. I did nip out in between reading bedtime stories and starting calls, to buy my wife a peanut butter flavoured cupcake, but after that she fell asleep, exhausted by her day. So now as I lie on the sofa and try to mentally prepare for bed, I am pretty bereft of human contact.

This morning I was in a foul mood, getting out of bed on exactly the wrong side and then crashing around the house, offended by everything, from suggestions for the clothes I’d be wearing to requests to give my daughters breakfast. I didn’t get out of my grump until I was walking La Serpiente to school (and perhaps only because I stopped at the bakery and fed her a croissant). I guess I should meditate more on the subject of being nice. I wonder if there’s a way for me to use my Fitbit to track that.

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