A rather long day

Today was a very long day, because I woke from a vivid dream at 4am (stuck in a prixon, working in the canteen making scrambled eggs for Nicolas Cage who was forcing me to help him pitch to venture capitalists for an app that measures the circumference of your head) and then couldn’t go back to sleep again, so I had three hours of scouring social media, and then everyone got up, we had breakfast, I took them to work, the girls complained that their free babycinnos were too hot or too cold (they’re always free to them, so why shouldn’t they complain?), kicked the girls out, went to my desk and tried to be productive.

At ten to one, I realised I was going to be late for my first training appointment, so I hopped in a car and got driven to Boulder Movement, for an hour of physical training. The short summary of this is that I did squats. Lots and lots of squats, until I could hardly stand and I wanted to sleep. Then I did stretches, which showed how inflexible I am, and then I had a sandwich and went back to the office when I wanted to go back to bed.

I hammered through the rest of the afternoon, then went home, where I was greeted by my girls. La Serpiente had a very loud whistle that she insisted on blowing. When we asked her to stop, she continued. When I asked her to give it to me, she screamed and wailed for five minutes. Eventually she had her bath and then my wife spent 90 minutes putting both children to bed, while I copy-editted an article, and wished I was doing fun things, like installing new apps on my wife’s new phone. Somehow in between whiles I managed to book accomodation for our family holiday to Australia. My credit card now glows red hot.

And then I practiced juggling for a few muinutes (every tiny adjustment helps) and now I’m here, and I really want to go to sleep. Well, the day is almost done.

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