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  • A rather long day

    Today was a very long day, because I woke from a vivid dream at 4am (stuck in a prixon, working in the canteen making scrambled eggs for Nicolas Cage who was forcing me to help him pitch to venture capitalists for an app that measures the circumference of your head) and then couldn’t go back […]

  • Natural Born Heroes

    Over the weekend in Taipei, I read Natural Born Heroes, Christopher McDougall"s follow up to Born To Run. Natural Born Heroes is variously an account of the Cretan Resistance to the Nazis during World War II, and a manifesto for Crossfit/Parkour/a high fat diet.

  • Ice Cream Football

    The other day at MEC we purchased an ice cream ball. This was sold to us as a fun alternative to an ice cream machine; you fill up a football sized container with ice and ice cream ingredients, and then kick it around for 20 minutes until you have ice cream. I was immediately ready […]

  • Recovery Time: 42 Hours and hazy

    This evening, in between eating tofu marinaded in orange sauce and Mexican rice, and catching up on work emails, I tried searching the web for “exercise while wearing N95 mask” because if I carry on getting one run a month I’m going to go crazy. Eventually, I ended up on this page which had some […]

  • Exercises for new fathers: 1 – The Plank

    It’s been almost a month since I wrote this, so I guess it’s time I put out the next part. If you’re about to have to deal with a small child, you need to be fit and strong to cope with all sorts of shocks. Even a small newborn, a mere six pounds of flesh, […]

  • Exercises for new fathers: 0 – Sleeping

    If you’re about to have a child, you’re about to embark on a journey where your body is going to be strained in all sorts of ways. You’re not the one giving birth, which means there’s lots of things you don’t have to contend with, but you’ll need to help with lots of things you […]

  • Looking for some recommendations

    This morning, my daughter celebrated being two years and three hours old by yelling and screaming until I went in to see her. I carefully explained that at two a.m. I wasn’t going to be lifting her out of her cot, and she raged for a while before saying "Daddy out" at which point I […]

  • Hotel room exercises

    This morning I got up early and worked out in my hotel room. I failed to figure out a way to turn off the heating before I did so, which may have been a reason why it was an incredibly tough workout. That, or I have no upper body strength and ruined knees.

  • Fitbit Flex

    I meant to go for a run at lunchtime today, but meetings collided with my plans and instead I had to walk dolefully around the office building, confused about whether I should drink more coffee or not. To make up for this lassitude, this evening I walked to the Bellevue Mall and bought myself a […]

  • Misfit Shine (on you crazy diamond)

    Three months and seven days ago, our Misfit Shine was delivered. I think it’s the coolest fitness monitoring gadget on the market right now – unlike the plasticky bracelets of the Fitbit and the Fuelband, it’s an apparently featureless, anodised metal disc, like some sort of alien artefact. My wife was very pleased with it: […]