Hotel room exercises

This morning I got up early and worked out in my hotel room. I failed to figure out a way to turn off the heating before I did so, which may have been a reason why it was an incredibly tough workout. That, or I have no upper body strength and ruined knees.
I followed a workout posted here, and did three repeats of it. It started with squats and lunges, which I didn’t have quite enough space for at the end of my bed, and then press-ups (again, not quite enough space) and sit-ups, side lunges, a strange exercise where you bent down and then did a press-up and stood up again, and finally horrible "V-sit-ups" which are where you try to do a sit up while at the same time raising your feet up in the air.

After three repeats, I added to the agony by sitting against a wall for a minute, in order to strengthen my legs. I was intending on going for a run after work tonight, but since I had a call that didn’t finish until 8, and I went to dinner after that, and the track "near" the office was actually a 45 minute walk from Roppongi Hills, I didn’t get any more exercise. However, this is probably for the good – after this little assault on my body, going for half an hour of hard work at the track would really have broken me.

My knees were making lots of nasty crunching noises. This doesn’t happen at all in Singapore. But it wasn’t as if the room in the hotel was cold, quite the opposite. Maybe my knees could remember how cold it had been last night when I was walking back from the pizza joint.

Ah yes, the pizza joint, probably part of the inspiration for all this exercise. The Japanese are really good at building simulacra of restaurants from other countries. They also have a Domino’s Pizza down the road from the hotel, but the less we say about that, the better. I went back to Pizza Strada in Azabubujan last night, and without online maps on my phone almost gave up, before happening across the restaurant almost by chance. Again, I inhaled a pizza almost without thinking, and was ready to order a second one I was so happy with the first. This time round I had a buffalo mozzarella margarita again, but slightly unwisely added garlic and mushroom to something that was already complete. The thing about Pizza Strada pizza is that the crust is so good that it embarrasses the toppings; whereas normally I’d eat the crust first on each slice and then the delicious cheese, I was actually saving the crust until last, those delicious leopard spots of burnt carbon on the crust proving extra delicious.

I had a chocolate gateau for dessert, and that made me very sad as it was too dry and not half as good as the pizza had been, but if it had been, I probably would have eaten five and then cried all night at how chubby I had become. Instead, I went home and downloaded exercises to make me ENORMOUSLY BIG AND STRONG. At least, within the context of a hotel room…


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