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  • My First Kidney Stone

    We went to bed just after midnight, at the end of a long day where we’d bunched, swam, carried the children around and I’d dangled from a series of holds on the climbing wall. Both very tired, the last thing I did was change my alarm for some rowdier music for the morning, then fall […]

  • Not so hot cross buns

    A friend came over this evening to pick up our old coffee table, and at some point he mentioned that he’d never had a hot cross bun. So I toasted a couple and buttered them, and I was just able to share in this Easter-themed repast when Destroyer demanded she have one as well. As […]

  • Much Ado About Nothing Much

    I found my hat, where I’d hidden it under a piece of cloth at some point in the last week, and now there is balance in the world again. That was about the most momentous thing that happened today.

  • Driving home

    The Jagerbombs were a mistake. Not even in retrospect, even when we were drinking them In knew they were a bad idea, that the cheque wasn’t so much in the post as dispatched by an express courier and awaiting my signature when I got to my bed. And so it was: I woke at 6, […]

  • Imperial Apple Again

    Tonight, still suffering from a migraine and otherwise crapulent, I dragged myself over to the Imperial Apple massage parlour. Sadly, they don’t massage you with an apple, which would have been much less painful than somebody grinding my face into a bed for an hour and trying to pull my arms and legs off. I […]

  • Painful Friday Night

    I got home this evening with stiff, sore shoulders and I thought the remedy for this would be to go and have a relaxing massage. Instead, I went and had a massage. I went to the Imperial Apple Spa, which is just a few streets away from our flat, and seems to have been named […]

  • Hotel room exercises

    This morning I got up early and worked out in my hotel room. I failed to figure out a way to turn off the heating before I did so, which may have been a reason why it was an incredibly tough workout. That, or I have no upper body strength and ruined knees.

  • A bad start

    I woke up at six this morning, feeling a bit unsteady after last night’s late night burger, and went out to get a taxi to the East Coast. There were no taxis. I tried calling to reserve one, and while stuck on hold, waiting for a response, the only taxi available for hire in Chinatown […]

  • Oranges Are Not Good For You

    I seem to have injured myself by eating an orange. I felt fine until about four-thirty this afternoon, when I ate the orange, after which I’ve been wracked with abdominal pain. Too low to be something in my stomach, it feels like I must have inadvertently stabbed myself while slicing the orange open, but in […]

  • Not adequately prepared for a blow to the head

    I felt awful today. I woke up with a sore throat and a headache. This wasn’t a hangover; I had a sore throat and a headache yesterday as well. Well, maybe having three pints last night didn’t do anything good for my sense of well-being. The day ground slowly down on me, my attention fluttering […]