Much Ado About Nothing Much

I found my hat, where I’d hidden it under a piece of cloth at some point in the last week, and now there is balance in the world again. That was about the most momentous thing that happened today.
It rained a lot today. Not torrentially, more a perpetual, life sapping drizzle, while the buses were freezing inside because the air conditioning runs at full power anyway. Somebody suggested the rain today is a government plot to ensure National Day doesn’t get any rain, but, organised though the Singaporean government is, I can’t believe they manage the weather.

Then again, the Chinese were busy seeding clouds before the 2008 Olympics, but that was a one-off. Imagine the hassle of having to make it rain every 8 August?

But the rain made me a bit low, and struggling with R and database scripts brought me lower, and this was one of those days where the wheels ground exceedingly fine yet exceedingly slow, so by six pm I hardly felt I’d achieved anything. I had at least taken my child to school and dressed myself, but beyond that, not so much.

Oh, and my left heel was agony this morning. It turns out that running at the track is really nasty if you’re suffering plantar fascitis. To the point I could hardly walk when I got out of bed, and I limped a lot today. Hopefully tomorrow is better. More easy pace, less going hard at it for me…

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