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  • The journey is more important than the destination

    They’re digging up the runway at SFO. Apparently all the airlines with flights scheduled into San Francisco were warned about this months ago, but maybe they thought it was a bluff and they didn’t change their schedules. Or maybe SFO lied about telling everyone. Whatever the story, Delta in Seattle were talking about how there […]

  • Long return

    I woke at 5:30 this morning to go too the airport, just in time to discover my first flight had been delayed by half an hour. So off we went to the airport and a short argument with an automated baggage drop that refused to recognise bar codes, before wandering off for a final Tim […]

  • Still delayed

    The flight from Salt Lake City left on time, which was the only one that did today. We flew to Detroit and landed half an hour ahead of schedule, so rather than the sprint through the airport I’d feared, I just walked twenty yards from one gate to another. And then the flight to Toronto […]

  • ETAaaaaargh

    I woke before my alarm today, and got an Uber Pool to the airport to save $15. This meant a slightly circuitous route as my driver had to pick up and drop off two other people, but by 3:30 I’d arrived, giving me plenty of time to check in. Except I couldn’t check in at […]

  • A day trip to California

    I had a meeting in Sunnyvale today, south of San Francisco, so after waking at 7 to find the entire family in my bed, I showered quickly and ordered an Uber to the airport. My driver, a taciturn Russian speaker, almost pranged his car within a hundred yards of our apartment block, driving through a […]

  • Several thousand miles of sleep

    I regret paying extra for a bulkhead seat on the flight from Hong Kong, because the flight felt like it was only half full and there were lots of people spread out, sleeping across three seats. Even if there hadn’t been a man sat next to me, the armrests on the bulkhead seats are immobile, […]

  • Leaving in a rush

    On Friday, my manager wished me safe travels, hoping I wouldn’t miss my flight because I was too busy playing Blood Bowl. Obviously, the first thing I did on waking this morning was to carefully pack and prepare for my flight this evening. In some parallel universe.

  • A day in Detroit

    After a night in the Travelodge by the airport (not recommended – paper thin walls and a depressing bathroom) I got up late and took an Uber to the Detroit Institute of Art, stowed my bag at the coatcheck, then found my way to a slightly unsatisfactory cappuccino and an enormous blueberry muffin for breakfast. […]

  • First Class Foreman In Flight

    I’m flying to Detroit tonight to play in a Blood Bowl tournament tomorrow. This is a four hour flight across country, and because I had over 200,000 frequent flyer points with Delta, and it only cost me 12,000 points to upgrade, I moved myself from a regular seat to a first class one.

  • First night in the US

    … It’s strange writing that, after so many previous trips to America (and especially Seattle) but now here I am. I hadn’t realised that the flight from Hong Kong to Seattle would be OS insanely long – I’ve been used to Narita-Seatac, which is 8 hours, whereas Hong Kong-Seatac is 11 and a half. There […]