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  • Thoughts on Global Entry

    I flew into Seattle today and tried out my Global Entry status for the first time. This was always going to be better than the alternative (queue for a very long time until a grumpy man who is perpetually surprised by foreigners demands to see your papers) but I was curious to see how slick […]

  • Another trip to Bangkok

    After work today I took a car over to the airport and caught a flight to Bangkok. The corporate travel agent had messed up, as they are wont to do so, and failed to spec a vegetarian meal for me, but I had almost two hours to kill so I did a long, slow lap […]

  • The way back from Margaret River

    La Serpiente had a sleep over last night, which meant she and another five year old girl occupied the same room and spent ages refusing going to sleep. Once she finally relented I sat in the kitchen for a while, until Destroyer had a fever and La Serpiente reappeared, asking for her mother. A good […]

  • Getting out of Manila

    I have a 10:30pm flight. I finished my presentations at 5, and at 5:30 we went out for a quick spot of dinner. Today is a Friday, and it’s also pay day in Manila, and it’s raining. So when I try to get a Grab to the airport at 6:30, I don’t have any success. […]

  • Air Traffic Conditions

    Coming Into the final approach to Manila, I was idly looking out the window at the city and wondering how long a taxi would take to get me to my hotel, when all of a sudden the pilot put his foot down and took the plane back up again, before banking us into a slow […]

  • The long haul

    Our flight out of Montreal was delayed by two hours, due to a technical fault. Well, at 10am it was announced that our 2pm scheduled departure was going to be 4pm,and that prediction was only half an hour optimistic vs our eventual 430 departure. A few immediate conclusions: Whatever Air Canada can do, it seems […]

  • At the Jazz festival

    The weather improved today, which is to say it cooled down from record-breaking levels to a normal 22°, so when we took the kids to the children’s area at the Montreal Jazz Festival, we didn’t think we would collapse from heatstroke.

  • Another birthday

    This evening, to celebrate my wife’s birthday, we got a babysitter and went out to Su, a Turkish restaurant in the southern part of Montreal. On the way there, I tried using Waze to navigate. Note to future self: don’t attempt to use Waze to navigate. Or at least not in Montreal. That may not […]

  • An easy day in the countryside

    My wife slept with the children in a tent while I had a bed to myself. I passed out and only woke at five, harassed by a fly that had also slept until the sunlight streamed through the window. Luckily I could fall back asleep long enough to have a bad dream about tea and […]

  • Hiding in the dark

    To escape the heat of Montreal, we hired a car and drove down to Jolliet, a town about 45 minutes into the countryside. There, our friends have a cottage by the river so our assorted children could play in the water while we parents drank beer and wondered why it was still so damn hot. […]