Hiding in the dark

To escape the heat of Montreal, we hired a car and drove down to Jolliet, a town about 45 minutes into the countryside. There, our friends have a cottage by the river so our assorted children could play in the water while we parents drank beer and wondered why it was still so damn hot.

The children were mostly very well behaved, apart from the time when I yelled at La Serpiente when she seemed to be about to tip herself headlong down a flight of stairs (I then had to endure a half hour lecture from her about why I was a baby, I wasn’t going to go to her party, she would never ever love me, etc etc), and the time when La Serpiente jumped into a tent with her feet covered in mud (and we all yelled at her) and probably sundry other times when La Serpiente was a bit too exuberant.

But as I said, mostly very well behaved. There was a ten minute thunderstorm in the early evening that almost made things cool down, but only dampened things enough for Destroyer to slip and get mud all the way up her back. She was vehemently angry and chastised us all for this, which again, is par for the course. We cooked hotdogs and marshmallows over an open fire, and then all four girls went to sleep in a tent. Quite why our wives volunteered to accompany them I don’t know. I just stood outside in the dark, watching the fireflies and thinking how lucky I’ll be to get a full night’s sleep.

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