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  • Art After Dark

    This evening I went to ‘Art After Dark’, an outdoor event at the hipster enclave of Gilman Barracks, where there were lots of art exhibits, some live music, and a lot of pop-up restaurants.

  • Hiding in the dark

    To escape the heat of Montreal, we hired a car and drove down to Jolliet, a town about 45 minutes into the countryside. There, our friends have a cottage by the river so our assorted children could play in the water while we parents drank beer and wondered why it was still so damn hot. […]

  • The darkness of Palo Alto

    After work this evening, I ran down Camino Real to the AirBnB that one of my friends had been staying at, to drop back the house key. This was all sorts of fun because Palo Alto is full of very rich people, who apparently have great distaste for pavements. Well, sidewalks, in the American vernacular. […]

  • New socks please, we’re British

    This evening I felt pretty lousy, but as I’d bought a new pair of socks I had to go out for a run. There’s a 5k loop from the Best Western around Stanford University, and although it was dark outside and I wasn’t that clear on where I was going, it was much more fun […]

  • The First Time In A Long Time Is the Last Time For A Long Time

    There are times when you launch yourself into a run, going out hard from the start, throwing yourself headlong down the trail, almost blind with a sort of happy madness. This evening was not one of those times. Instead of heading out and waiting for my GPS to catch up, I walked out from my […]

  • An exorcism, of sorts

    Yesterday morning I went for a run at 6:30. My legs were dead. It was only because I was running with somebody else that I didn’t give up and go home after ten minutes. In the end, the whole horror show took just over eighty minutes, mostly of me trudging uphill. Or trudging downhill. Or […]

  • Sundown 2014

    Sundown 2014

    This morning, I finished the Sundown, which, despite putting in a worse time than 2013 (and an even worse time than 2012) was fairly miraculous, given that a few hours before the start I’d been contemplating sacking the whole thing off for lack of preparation and being too tired from the day’s activities.