The First Time In A Long Time Is the Last Time For A Long Time

There are times when you launch yourself into a run, going out hard from the start, throwing yourself headlong down the trail, almost blind with a sort of happy madness. This evening was not one of those times. Instead of heading out and waiting for my GPS to catch up, I walked out from my building and sauntered slowly out towards the Green Corridor, making no effort to start running until my GPS had locked on to the satellites above me.

But, though I was exhausted from another early morning start (a fire alarm went off at 4 this morning, and I spent most of today lying on the sofa, falling asleep, or else in the bomb shelter, wrestling with mounds of stuff as I tried to excavate our Christmas stockings, I still had to go out for a run. Next year building work starts on a pipeline along the Green Corridor, and with that work slated to take three or four years, there’s a very clearly limited number of times left for me to do this run. So out I went.

By the time I got out on the trail, it was deep into the evening. It’s been raining for the last two days so there were deep puddles all the way along the trail. Mostly I tried to hop and skip around the puddles, but at one point I had to slog through a deep puddle where I began to panic and expect a snake to tangle round my ankles and take me down. Or a leech. Or some monstrous insect-ape hybrid, lurking in the bushes in anticipation of fresh meat.

For most of the run I didn’t think of anything at all – this run was a perfect time away from thinking and pondering on anything, apart from how far away everything was and how long this run was taking me tonight.

It wasn’t that far. I took out two small segments (no running up to the top of the hill with the reservoir, because the steps on the other side are the middle of a building site right now, and I ran down a different set of steps to get off Mount Faber, rather than running all the way down the road, but otherwise I was true to my faithful old route. Near the end, flagging, I promised myself that I’d stop after an hour, which somehow persuaded me to hold on until I got in sight of the shady prata shop on Spotiswoode Road. And then it was a short shamble back home, to flop on the sofa and eat peas.

One more night run for the year – although I hope to get to the track tomorrow night for the first time in an absolute age, that was probably the last trail run I’ll get in Singapore until I get back in 2016. Hopefully in 2016 I’ll feel a bit fitter…

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