New socks please, we’re British

This evening I felt pretty lousy, but as I’d bought a new pair of socks I had to go out for a run. There’s a 5k loop from the Best Western around Stanford University, and although it was dark outside and I wasn’t that clear on where I was going, it was much more fun to be outside running than the horror fest that has been running on a treadmill in the work gym.

The hotel has a gym, so when I got back I went and did a few pull downs (there’s no chin up bar, alas) then to the sauna, where I spent a good ten minutes sat inside a plywood box before I admitted to myself that the heater was never going to work, after which I went back to the hotel room and tried to make my various fitness devices sync. Because that’s the kind of exciting life I lead.

To wit: the Fitbit only syncs if you turn off syncing and then turn it on again. Unless you’re using a Windows phone, in which case it will sync, then after a few seconds forget it synced and the total number of steps will revert to what it was 12 hours ago. The Garmin will sync, and then make up two or three imaginary exercise activities (including, but not limited to, cycling around Stanford). And the Stryd will report that I stepped a total of zero times on my run. It makes you ever so slightly sceptical of everything around you.

Still, I love technology. Gadgets like my phone and its ever-worsening autocorrect. Or the sauna. Or the air conditioning. At this rate, I assume if I try to use the television it will probably explode. Best I go to bed.

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