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  • The gloominess of the airport hotel

    Because my visit to Palo Alto coincides with moving-in week at Stanford, every hotel is booked out or ridiculously expensive. So I got a couple of nights at the Westin at the airport, which works out to be 20% of the cost of a hotel in Palo Alto. Unfortunately, unlike Singapore or Hong Kong where […]

  • Caliban’s War

    Unable to sleep between 2 and 4 this morning, I finished reading Caliban’s War, the second novel in The Expanse series. So now I’m one third of the way through.  Structurally it’s a little inferior to its predecessor. Perhaps it’s the Game of Thrones influence that made the writers think people love nothing more than […]

  • The unbearable lightness of corporate swag

    I’ve got behind with enumerating the corporate swag I’ve received. Last week I got another T-shirt and a external battery for my phone, and this week I got another tshirt (Indian themed) and a ceramic coffee cup. It’s high time that I started graphing out all these acquisitions so I can understand what I’ve been […]

  • New socks please, we’re British

    This evening I felt pretty lousy, but as I’d bought a new pair of socks I had to go out for a run. There’s a 5k loop from the Best Western around Stanford University, and although it was dark outside and I wasn’t that clear on where I was going, it was much more fun […]

  • An easy Monday in Nova Scotia

    Today we took the ferry across to Halifax again, this time so that I could exchange some shoes at MEC that were the wrong size, and so we could wander a bit on the other side of the water. I made the possible mistake of walking into the Lost Cod Clothing Company on the waterfront, […]

  • Restaurant disappointment

    After the workday today, with my ear continuing to make whooshing noises when the wind blew past my head, and gradually my paranoia about a bust ear drum increasing, I walked down to a Mediterreanean restaurant on Garrick Street, where the food arrived too rapidly and when my compadre went past the kitchen, there were […]

  • Consistency and disappointment

    Last night we stayed up until 3am, bingeing on television, which meant I missed this morning’s parkrun and felt groggy as hell. Instead, we went out for waffles at a breakfast place that had come highly recommended by one of our fellow salsa dancers. Students. Animated dancing bears. Whatever. The cafe was about fifteen minute’s […]

  • Really unresolved

    Sat in a hotel room in Tokyo with a befuddled brain, what better time is there to review my resolutions from just over a year ago, and determine which ones I’ve stuck to and which ones I missed? Here goes…

  • Revolving airports

    I watched an awful lot of rubbish on the plane on the way back to Singapore. Most of it was so rubbish that it left no trace on my memory apart from a vague sense of disappointment, and then there was Legend, which did a fairly bad job of romanticising the Krays: a nicer pair […]

  • Viva Cafe Espana?

    Tonight I met an old friend for dinner in Soho. We went to a tapas restaurant on Old Compton Street that had been good ten years ago. Unfortunately…