An easy Monday in Nova Scotia

Today we took the ferry across to Halifax again, this time so that I could exchange some shoes at MEC that were the wrong size, and so we could wander a bit on the other side of the water. I made the possible mistake of walking into the Lost Cod Clothing Company on the waterfront, and not leaving until we’d purchased 10 items of clothing emblazoned with different Nova Scotian brands from the previous century. (You can even buy tshirts with the Sysco logo on them, which the shop itself acknowledges commemorates a 30-year long environmental disaster. I prefer the overproof rum labels, myself.) But that does give us more stuff to pack and take back to Singapore with us.

La Serpiente knew little of this, because she’d discovered a climbing frame in the shape of a submarine and was hurtling around it at great speed. Eventually I abandoned the rest of my family so I could climb the hill to MEC and swap footwear for other footwear (and buy more socks, because that’s the high point of my week usually), before walking down the hill again in search of Strange Adventures. That’s a comic shop in Nova Scotia, rather than just Errant Capitalisation on my part.

Depressingly, when I got into Strange Adventures and found it was full of comic books, I realised that I’m not interested in comic books any more and now hanker after more grown-up distractions. You know, like video games and Twitter feeds. I went back to the ferry port with my tail between my legs, and even the sight of a man with a mohawk and his six-year-old son with a matching mohawk failed to lift my spirits.

Still, laden with fresh socks, a man’s heart can’t be gloomy for long. The early morning fog had burned off, and I walked home in glorious sunshine, failing to realise I was letting the back of my neck get sunburnt. As I’m on holiday, the remedy for this was to go to bed for an hour, and then go to the shopping mall.

The local shopping mall is also quite depressing on a Monday morning in the summer. I guess the schools haven’t closed yet, because the mall was almost entirely devoid of people, apart from me, my wife and Destroyer prowling the halls, buying deodorant and pyjamas and defecating uncontrollably. Can you guess which of us was doing each of those fun tasks?

We went home after a couple of hours of this, I drank a beer, we ate some pasta, and wrestled the children into bed. Life is not so hard after all.

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