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  • Seven Bays and seventeen year olds

    This morning I went to Seven Bays Bouldering, a climbing gym in Halifax on Gottingen Street, to climb with the teenage son of one of our friends from Dartmouth. Just like when I went to Dogpatch in San Francisco, the difficulty curve is super steep – there are a few almost derisorily easy routes, and […]

  • Spinning in Nova Scotia

    After several years of visiting Nova Scotia and not getting round to it, tonight I went to a spinning class in Dartmouth. I’ve been going to 7Cycle in Singapore for over a year, but I’d never been to any other spinning class, so I was interested to see what the differences were.

  • An easy Monday in Nova Scotia

    Today we took the ferry across to Halifax again, this time so that I could exchange some shoes at MEC that were the wrong size, and so we could wander a bit on the other side of the water. I made the possible mistake of walking into the Lost Cod Clothing Company on the waterfront, […]

  • One way to start the morning

    This morning I had a 5k race on the salt marshes outside Halifax. I was looking forward to this because salt marshes are pancake flat, and the combination of that with the sensible weather of Nova Scotia would mean that my Singapore-given aerobic fitness would be put to its best use. Instead of having to […]

  • Some firsts in Nova Scotia

    On my last day in Nova Scotia, I had a few firsts. First, we went out on our friend’s boat, Fiddler’s Green IV, and I caught three mackerel. Or herrings. Or some sort of fish.

  • Re-Gooned

    I came home and cooked dinner while talking to my daughter on Skype. She yelled at me and waved and then tried to eat my face through the screen of the iPad, perhaps trying to tell me that I should have added more vegetables to my dinner than just a few spears of asparagus. With […]

  • The Flying Muffler

    As promised to her, we took our daughter to see the Flying Muffler today, after first opening a Canadian bank account for her, eating a chocolate croissant as big as my face, and doing some early Christmas shopping.

  • Thirteen Timbits, please

    Yesterday I wasn’t in as good a mood as today. I pit that down to Tim Hortons’ doughnuts, the culinary equivalent of an asymptote; something you should be forever approaching, without ever reaching. If I hadn’t eaten that maple dip doughnut, the promise of it would have remained forever as a platonic ideal, rather than […]