The unbearable lightness of corporate swag

I’ve got behind with enumerating the corporate swag I’ve received. Last week I got another T-shirt and a external battery for my phone, and this week I got another tshirt (Indian themed) and a ceramic coffee cup. It’s high time that I started graphing out all these acquisitions so I can understand what I’ve been achieving. Well, acquiring.

I had a very early start this morning, or at least early for me now I’ve grown old and weak. La Serpiente slept without interruption until 4:30, when she came and woke me up, and then at 6:30 I had to get out of bed to prepare for a 7pm call. I did that by stumbling around the living room, accidentally setting off La Serpiente’s dog guitar, which woofed at me cartoonishly while I fumbled for the off switch. It’s a wonder the whole house didn’t wake up and start yelling at me. Instead, what was worse was that they didn’t wake up, so after I finished my calls at 8 nobody was ready for the school run. Somehow we still got to school on time, and I deposited my daughter with an unfeasibly sized toy bear and then took a bus to work.

The bus drops me just slightly too far from the office, which is a ridiculous complaint to have, and one that will never get fixed until the Singaporean bus companies all bend their knee to my domination. We can wait for that for a very long time, and meanwhile I’ll shuffle to work, squinting against the sun and mumbling “eggs, eggs, I must eat eggs”. It’s a good life, but I’ve already weakened.

This evening I bought cupcakes from the Marmalade Pantry, and I was not suffused with joy. I assume this means I have now become jaded, and everything now rolls downhill only. Oh dear.

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