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  • The eyes have it

    I got a proper night’s sleep, so I felt a bit better this morning, although the cumulative effect of sleepless nights still bears hard down upon me. Yesterday I went to the local optician to get my eyes tested. The guy peered in my eyes with a machine, and then told me I should go […]

  • The unbearable lightness of corporate swag

    I’ve got behind with enumerating the corporate swag I’ve received. Last week I got another T-shirt and a external battery for my phone, and this week I got another tshirt (Indian themed) and a ceramic coffee cup. It’s high time that I started graphing out all these acquisitions so I can understand what I’ve been […]

  • Small Eruptions

    This evening, after spending all day presenting what we’d worked on all weekend, I got to take the evening off and get something to eat. I was taken out to Etna, an Italian restaurant on the East Coast side of Singapore, where they served me a burrata as big as a cricket ball. You can […]

  • Left Behind In Seattle

    This morning, after a night of packing and worrying about packing, we had our last doughnuts at Top Pot and took a car to Sea Tac. Foremanwife and Foremanbaby were on the 12:30 to Vancouver, while my flight to Hong Kong wasn’t for two more hours.

  • Salad and SQL

    This afternoon, my manager asked me what I would do, if I had to make a choice between salad and SQL. This is obviously a difficult question to answer, given that one option is a (nominally) healthy choice of food, and the other is a set of imperatives, used to manipulate things in a database.

  • All you left behind

    I realized tonight how much I miss Hong Kong; there’s a crazy buzz of energy here that I just don’t feel in the same way in Singapore. There’s also a dry stickiness in the back of my throat and my eyes are sore, but I can keep telling myself that’s symptomatic of getting up early […]

  • Laziness

    I’m getting lazier. This evening, after successfully bathing our daughter, instead of making the effort to cook a decent meal, I fried an egg and some vegetarian sausages, drenched them in mustard and wolfed them down. Perhaps through guilt, or fear of salmonella, I fried the egg far too long and far too hot, providing […]