The eyes have it

I got a proper night’s sleep, so I felt a bit better this morning, although the cumulative effect of sleepless nights still bears hard down upon me.

Yesterday I went to the local optician to get my eyes tested. The guy peered in my eyes with a machine, and then told me I should go and see my company doctor because I have a cataract in my left eye.  That wasn’t a wonderful thing to hear and so I wanted a second opinion, so this afternoon I went to see my GP, and he peered in my eyes with a torch and pronounced this fine.  However, he told me to go see an optometrist, so then I wandered off there.

I was a bit surprised, because my GP’s usual behaviour is to tell me I’m going to die, so for him to say things were fine was an unexpected bonus.  Still, as I’ve found myself struggling to read more as I get older, something needed sorting out.

My distant sight is still really good, but I struggle to focus close in, and that makes reading difficult.  As that’s one of the joys of my life, that has been hard, and so it was rather an strange adjustment to have some lenses put in front of my eyes.

And then I could see clearly again, which was very disorienting because a deterioation in sight is something that sneaks up on you, and so I hadn’t realised what clear vision would look like.  It is hard to admit my vanity, because looking at my face with a pair of glasses on it makes me feel suddenly older, but at the same time, seeing clearly is better than bumping into things or not being able to read.

And I don’t have cataracts, which is nice.  Although what does that say about the bedside manner of Singaporeans in general?

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