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  • The unbearable lightness of corporate swag

    I’ve got behind with enumerating the corporate swag I’ve received. Last week I got another T-shirt and a external battery for my phone, and this week I got another tshirt (Indian themed) and a ceramic coffee cup. It’s high time that I started graphing out all these acquisitions so I can understand what I’ve been […]

  • Dead legs

    My legs feel useless now. This morning I rode my bike down to the East Coast parkrun, then ran a sub-21 minute 5k, and rode back home. That kind of tomfoolery would have been fine if I could have then slept it off, but a combination of five hours sleep this morning, and no nap […]

  • Three personal failures

    All this week’s meditation and contemplating has yet to make me a good person, as evidenced by three things today.

  • More cupcakes

    Tonight La Serpiente protested at being made to go to bed, alternately wailing for her mother and then her father and then her mother again. During a pause in the wave of complaints, I slinked out and went to the almost-open hotel up the street, where there’s a branch of The Marmalade Pantry, a cake […]

  • Poems and cakes

    I read to La Serpiente from her book of poems tonight. We read The Grateful Dragon, The Jabberwocky, and (of course) What Turkey Do? – a poem that she has now learned some of the words to. Sadly she’s yet to adopt a Jamaican patois in the rest of her speech, no matter how many […]