More cupcakes

Tonight La Serpiente protested at being made to go to bed, alternately wailing for her mother and then her father and then her mother again. During a pause in the wave of complaints, I slinked out and went to the almost-open hotel up the street, where there’s a branch of The Marmalade Pantry, a cake shop with a few outlets across Singapore.

A great thing about the hotel almost being open is that there’s nobody living there, but the lobby is accessible and the cake shop is open at least as late as nine p.m., and because there’s no guests there’s little competition for cupcakes. We had two tonight, the William (quickly becoming my favourite, a chocolate cupcake with chunks of pear inside and sweet buttery icing) and the Limonata, a white sponge with lemon flavoured frosting.

I got home, La Serpiente was still in a flap, so I had half a cupcake and sat with her until she stopped wailing, then came out and ate the remaining half of the other cupcake. My marriage is like tag team wrestling. If by wrestling you mean eating cupcakes.

Meanwhile, the haze came in, I shut all our windows, and then the haze went away again, and I opened all the windows and then sneezed a lot. What is up with the world?

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