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  • ETAaaaaargh

    I woke before my alarm today, and got an Uber Pool to the airport to save $15. This meant a slightly circuitous route as my driver had to pick up and drop off two other people, but by 3:30 I’d arrived, giving me plenty of time to check in. Except I couldn’t check in at […]

  • An easy day in the countryside

    My wife slept with the children in a tent while I had a bed to myself. I passed out and only woke at five, harassed by a fly that had also slept until the sunlight streamed through the window. Luckily I could fall back asleep long enough to have a bad dream about tea and […]

  • Hiding in the dark

    To escape the heat of Montreal, we hired a car and drove down to Jolliet, a town about 45 minutes into the countryside. There, our friends have a cottage by the river so our assorted children could play in the water while we parents drank beer and wondered why it was still so damn hot. […]

  • Second third birthday

    It was Destroyer’s third birthday today, which we celebrated in slightly lower key style than the party last weekend; Destroyer opened some presents and then played outside in the sun, while we abandoned her to the care of grandparents and went to the market to buy vegetables and alcohol. She still got a cake, but […]

  • Fifth birthday

    Today was La Serpiente’s fifth birthday, so after opening presents from my parents and sister, we took her and Destroyer out to Halifax. We had breakfast at Jacky’s Cafe, a surprisingly good Chinese restaurant in a shopping mall, then had four happy hours in the Discovery Centre down by the waterside. The Discovery Centre has […]

  • Goon: Last of the Enforcers

    Goon: Last of the Enforcers

    Sean whatshisface (sorry, Sean William Scott, or The Artist Formerly Known As Stifler From American Pie) doesn’t show up very often these days. Perhaps Bulletproof Monk (my favourite Chow Yun Fat film to include Nazis in the Himalayas, white guy appropriation of King fu and a man angrily shouting "Moooonk!") was neither a critical or […]

  • A visit to the Consulate

    Today we went to renew Destroyer’s passport, an easier process than in the past because I’d actually read the small print on the application and realised that if I applied for my daughter’s passport, my wife could guarantee Destroyer’s identity, rather than us having to track down a doctor or lawyer who has known her […]

  • Another early start

    Yesterday I ran along a beautiful beach, looking out at the sunrise reflected off the bottom of fluffy clouds. Today, I ran under slate grey skies, the wind gnawing at me, the threat of rain omnipresent. This is how it goes. At least I had a coconspirator to inspire me to keep running; Rob, one […]

  • Start as you mean to go on

    This morning I got up, put on my warmest running gear and jogged down to the beach, running a couple of kilometres in the freezing cold. It was beautiful; the sunrise was glowing off the bottom of clouds, the ocean was a mirror and flocks of ducks would fly up as I ran towards them. […]

  • Canada Day

    The 1st of July is Canada Day, and to celebrate, we went out on a friend’s boat for a couple of hours around Halifax harbour and around the Eastern Passage. La Serpiente got to drive.