Another early start

Yesterday I ran along a beautiful beach, looking out at the sunrise reflected off the bottom of fluffy clouds. Today, I ran under slate grey skies, the wind gnawing at me, the threat of rain omnipresent. This is how it goes.
At least I had a coconspirator to inspire me to keep running; Rob, one of our friends from Seattle. Although perhaps he had been persuaded by the promise of fried eggs for breakfast afterward.

This morning we went to Englishman Falls, a park maybe fifteen km from the place we’re staying at. There is a big forest there and several large waterfalls, and the children adapted remarkably well to rural terrain. I had worried that La Serpiente and Destroyer, used to climate controlled malls and flat surfaces, would be flummoxed by slippery rocks and freezing cold, but they did fine.

In the afternoon I took La Serpiente to the post office, which she’s been harping on about for days. I’m not sure what the appeal of watching your father drop $80 on shipping and envelopes is, but the workings of a child’s mind will forever be a mystery to us.

This evening was more beer, more card games. More of the children waking up at random hours, which suggests tomorrow may be another fun one. Although tomorrow is already here…

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