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  • Another birthday

    This evening, to celebrate my wife’s birthday, we got a babysitter and went out to Su, a Turkish restaurant in the southern part of Montreal. On the way there, I tried using Waze to navigate. Note to future self: don’t attempt to use Waze to navigate. Or at least not in Montreal. That may not […]

  • Hiding in the dark

    To escape the heat of Montreal, we hired a car and drove down to Jolliet, a town about 45 minutes into the countryside. There, our friends have a cottage by the river so our assorted children could play in the water while we parents drank beer and wondered why it was still so damn hot. […]

  • Swimming Lesson #25

    I’ve been tired this week. I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve eaten badly, or if I’m eating badly because I’m not getting enough sleep, or I’m not getting enough sleep because I’m eating badly, or… Seriously, how many times around do we have to go? Anyway, after a day at work that started productively […]

  • Ohyesbike

    Today, after yesterday’s disappointment, I gave obike another chance. I dropped La Serpiente off at school, looked for a nearby bike on the app, and set off to find it, walking down an alleyway in Tiong Bahru liberally studded with dog turds. The bike I found was parked outside the door of a flat, right […]

  • Minor struggles

    I really struggled with not eating sugary things today. I’m not sure why. Was it because I was extra hungry after yesterday’s track session? Was it because all my colleagues were eating ice cream sandwiches in front of me? These are mysteries we may never get to solve.

  • Groggy and hot

    I had a dreadful night’s sleep; the people in the flat above us were doing woodwork until midnight, I had toothache and bunged up sinuses, and woke at random hours through the night. Surprisingly, when I was out of the flat and walking around with the kids, the cloud of ache and misery dissipated, and […]

  • Singapore Air Show

    Today was the last day of the 2016 Singapore Air Show, and a friend fancied going, and I had nothing better to do, so I tagged along. We hailed a taxi outside my apartment block, and despite his protestations that there would be big traffic jams at the Expo Centre, we refused to change our […]

  • Big Trouble Getting To Little China

    This afternoon we decided to visit Little Guilin, a picturesque little corner of Singapore, named after a mountainous region of China. We would have gone this morning, but we had urgent scrambled-egg-eating duties to attend to, along with a quick visit to the shopping mall to buy an signal booster for our broadband router. (The […]

  • Good night at the track

    Tonight was my first track session of 2015, and almost the first for a month; I’d been quite regular until I got hand foot and mouth in mid November, and then holidays and Christmas interfered with running round in circles. That’s a shame, because December was the coolest month and thus the best for running, […]

  • A series of hapless errors

    Tonight I went to my first Spanish class for ages, and learnt the word "despistado" which either means"negligent", or "absent-minded", or "clueless", depending on how pejorative you want to be with your translation. In a room where I was the only British English speaker, it was disorienting to hear people state categorically that "clueless" was […]