Swimming Lesson #25

I’ve been tired this week. I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve eaten badly, or if I’m eating badly because I’m not getting enough sleep, or I’m not getting enough sleep because I’m eating badly, or… Seriously, how many times around do we have to go? Anyway, after a day at work that started productively but gradually became mired in unreasonable aggravation, I went swimming, stressed because my taxi cancelled at the last minute and so making me late for the start of my class.

I managed an entire length of the pool of breaststroke without things going wrong. My freestyle, meanwhile, my one time refuge from the horror of breaststroke, is all over the shop; my hips aren’t high enough in the water, my breathing is off and I seem to be getting slower, not faster.

This is probably due to being tired, and failing to put in any practice. I did go to the swimming pool on Sunday, but that was principally to stand around in the water and stop Destroyer or La Serpiente from drowning. That is not an activity that leads naturally to an improvement in my form. That, combined with not swimming last week (although I did get as far as the pool, and did have my feet bitten by red ants) can’t have been the sort of thing to encourage excellence.

Still, my backstroke is still just fine and dandy. After an exhausting few laps (sustained effort in a warm pool is really not very nice, as I begin to get much hotter than is desired) of breaststroke and freestyle, I lay back and swam up and down for a while, calm at last.

So I just need to keep my chin up. It’s going to be fine, given time, especially en if it’s hard right now.


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