Several thousand miles of sleep

I regret paying extra for a bulkhead seat on the flight from Hong Kong, because the flight felt like it was only half full and there were lots of people spread out, sleeping across three seats. Even if there hadn’t been a man sat next to me, the armrests on the bulkhead seats are immobile, so I wouldn’t have been able to lie down. Still, in the row next to me nobody was in the middle or aisle seats, so I could move myself back and wedge my head in place with a couple of pillows.
This, I got a good eight hours sleep, woke up and watched a few episodes of Bob’s Burgers and then, as my eyelids fluttered, fell back to sleep, waking with just enough time to watch the first 80 minutes of Free Solo before the plane began its descent.

This, after worrying that this 26 hour journey would leave me exhausted, I feel (with six hours to go) pretty good. I’ve slept a decent amount, I’m awake at a vaguely decent time, and the golden sun is glinting through layers of cloud.

Breakfast was a low point. Cathay didn’t do great for vegetarian dinner, but breakfast was some fried onions and soy sauce, a bread roll and a cup full of blueberry jam. I initially thought it was some kind of pudding, but no, it was jam, just jam, like they thought vegetarians liked really sugary dipping sauces.

Otherwise, everything was fine. Onwards and downwards to the next great adventure…

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