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  • Several thousand miles of sleep

    I regret paying extra for a bulkhead seat on the flight from Hong Kong, because the flight felt like it was only half full and there were lots of people spread out, sleeping across three seats. Even if there hadn’t been a man sat next to me, the armrests on the bulkhead seats are immobile, […]

  • To Disney

    Today started badly for me, insofar as yesterday didn’t finish on time : at three in the morning, unable to sleep I found myself playing Goat Simulator and stifling giggles. That meant I woke at 8 feeling dreadful, and shambked around, hoping for breakfast until midday. We were travelling to Hong Kong to take the […]

  • Business class kids

    I didn’t really sleep last night, kept awake worrying that I would oversleep and fail to make it to the airport on time to catch our return flight. I probably shouldn’t have worried; within 15 minutes of our alarm going off, we had packed and got the kids loaded into car seat and safety harness, […]

  • A free ride in Premium Economy

    This afternoon we caught a plane to Hong Kong from Singapore. We were flying on accumulated Asiamiles, amassed from all the credit card transactions I’ve made over the last year. Because the difference between points required for Economy and Premium Economy on Cathay Pacific is pretty marginal, and because there were more options available in […]