To Disney

Today started badly for me, insofar as yesterday didn’t finish on time : at three in the morning, unable to sleep I found myself playing Goat Simulator and stifling giggles. That meant I woke at 8 feeling dreadful, and shambked around, hoping for breakfast until midday.

We were travelling to Hong Kong to take the girls to Disneyland so this level of incompetence was below the required standards. Thankfully, we managed to get packed and into a taxi just before two pm, arriving at the airport 20 minutes later, to find our flight delayed because of bad weather in Hong Kong.

Our flight was about an hour late in the end, and delayed landing in Hong Kong because of congestion, and maddeningly, once we were back on terra firma the pilot announced that because of the bad weather, flights had been delayed taking off, so there wasn’t actually a space for us to taxi to at the terminal, and so there was a half hour wait to get off the plane.

The kids bore this with admirable patience, and the wait for the luggage, and the walk through Hong Kong Airport where I was searching for the hotel transfer bus I’d imagined, and then back to the taxi rank, and then the half hour drive at full speed to get to the hotel, and then to check in. Destroyer finally melted down at 11 pm when we told her she couldn’t play or have snacks, but both girls were asleep in moments, leaving us adults to… Well, to go to sleep as well. I may not be a veteran of this, but even I know you need to bring your A game to Disney when you have two small girls in tow.

On to tomorrow’s big adventure…

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