Still delayed

The flight from Salt Lake City left on time, which was the only one that did today. We flew to Detroit and landed half an hour ahead of schedule, so rather than the sprint through the airport I’d feared, I just walked twenty yards from one gate to another. And then the flight to Toronto was delayed, because there was a switch in the cockpit that needed to be fixed, and when that was done, the man responsible for moving the air bridge away from the plane had gone off somewhere, and then there was a further delay finding him.
But it’s a short flight from Detroit to Toronto, and as it turns out I had nothing to worry about with luggage. For passengers on Delta and Westjet, you don’t need to recheck your baggage, so I went upstairs and through the gloriously stress free security line, then went to Tim Horton’s for a celebratory doughnut.

This was a little stressful, for despite the multiple express lines, every single person seemed to wait until they were at the head of the line, and then vacillate for five minutes about their choices. How hard can it possibly be? The choices are doughnuts or execrable coffee, the menu is plainly visible and you have all the time while the bozos in front of you are umming and swing to make up your mind.

But eventually I had my maple dip doughnut in hand, and went to my gate to wait for the final flight. And that was delayed too for an hour, for no particular reason, and I fell asleep as we took off, waking as we began our approach to Halifax.

Sadly, my luggage wasn’t making its approach to Halifax, as I found out after waiting for half an hour at the baggage reclaim. It would be on the next flight out of Toronto, arriving at 1 in the morning.

So I left and went to bed, expecting a tearful reunion with my underpants this morning.

Of course, this morning I got a call to say that my bag had been put on the flight, but then it had been too foggy for it to land in Halifax, and it had flown back to Toronto. It’s certainly been well travelled, but I had the kind of eccentric upbringing that made me believe airlines are meant to transport stuff to where you told them to, not give it free tours of the continent without ever delivering them. Oh well. At least I discovered my insurance policy and realised I can claim for the clothes I bought today.

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