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  • The journey is more important than the destination

    They’re digging up the runway at SFO. Apparently all the airlines with flights scheduled into San Francisco were warned about this months ago, but maybe they thought it was a bluff and they didn’t change their schedules. Or maybe SFO lied about telling everyone. Whatever the story, Delta in Seattle were talking about how there […]

  • Still delayed

    The flight from Salt Lake City left on time, which was the only one that did today. We flew to Detroit and landed half an hour ahead of schedule, so rather than the sprint through the airport I’d feared, I just walked twenty yards from one gate to another. And then the flight to Toronto […]

  • First Class Foreman In Flight

    I’m flying to Detroit tonight to play in a Blood Bowl tournament tomorrow. This is a four hour flight across country, and because I had over 200,000 frequent flyer points with Delta, and it only cost me 12,000 points to upgrade, I moved myself from a regular seat to a first class one.

  • Another descent

    The morning started well, with La Serpiente arguing with our hosts’ boy about the merits of toast vs bread. “Toast is yucky. ” “Toast is not yucky” for half an hour straight. Not long after that, the truck came to take us to the airport, and from there it was a slog through customs followed […]

  • Cutting down

    I think we’ve gone beyond Peak Baby Paraphernalia and now we’re gradually reducing the amount of stuff we have to carry with us while travelling. Destroyer refuses to sleep in the travel cot we bought at great expense, so that got sold to somebody else in Singapore and we freed up half of a suitcase […]

  • Stay classy

    I’ve just arrived in Narita, the first leg of my travel to New York, on this plane. The flight out of Singapore was, as always, a little painful: a 6:50 departure time meant I stayed up all night and was struggling to stay awake aa I went through security. But this time round I’m travelling […]

  • You get what you pay for

    Today was our first flight as a family on Delta. This was always going to be harder than a flight with a carrier that didn’t leave at stupid o’clock in the morning, but there’s some key differences to flying with Air Canada and British Airways. To do with how you stow infants.