First Class Foreman In Flight

I’m flying to Detroit tonight to play in a Blood Bowl tournament tomorrow. This is a four hour flight across country, and because I had over 200,000 frequent flyer points with Delta, and it only cost me 12,000 points to upgrade, I moved myself from a regular seat to a first class one.

I’m not sure how great a domestic first class flight will be. It wasn’t enough to get me access to the posh lounge at SeaTac, but then the seats are acceptably comfortable in the gate area, and strangely few people seem to be choosing to spend their Friday night flying from Seattle to Detroit, so there’s plenty of space to sit.

This is, however, the first time I’ve ever flown first class. I almost did last year, when my corporate travel agent gave me the ridiculous news that United had cancelled my ticket because my name was too long, and the proposed solutions were to either change my name or book a first class flight. (I guess tickets for the first class section must be bigger, so they can accommodate longer names.) Sadly, for that flight they eventually found me a business class ticket on another airline that could handle my name, so I never got my first class flight. This is better though, paid for by my honest toil,or my relentless accumulation of frequent flyer incentives.

Aisde from that, little else to say. The plane and I are both currently quite stationary. Perhaps when I’m aboard, luxuriating in my premium transport of delights, I’ll have more to say.

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