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  • The journey is more important than the destination

    They’re digging up the runway at SFO. Apparently all the airlines with flights scheduled into San Francisco were warned about this months ago, but maybe they thought it was a bluff and they didn’t change their schedules. Or maybe SFO lied about telling everyone. Whatever the story, Delta in Seattle were talking about how there […]

  • Still delayed

    The flight from Salt Lake City left on time, which was the only one that did today. We flew to Detroit and landed half an hour ahead of schedule, so rather than the sprint through the airport I’d feared, I just walked twenty yards from one gate to another. And then the flight to Toronto […]

  • Lost in transit?

    The plane got slower and slower, until it finally arrived two hours and 42 minutes late. The flight attendants were rather confusing; I saw one going around with a sheet of paper with all the connecting flights on it, but I couldn’t get her attention. Instead, another attendant told me there was no information and […]

  • Stuck in transit again

    It was raining hard at Hong Kong. The descent was bumpy enough that I heard people crying out in fear, and although the usual miracle of commercial flight meant we landed safely, the heavy weather was causing lots of delays. In particular, the Air Canada jet that’s taking me to Canada arrived late, and that […]

  • Late flight to Jakarta

    My plane took off half an hour late from Changi. When everything else is so seamlessly efficient (twenty minutes from office to terminal, five minutes to check in and less than a minute to clear security) any delay is a shock to the system. Also, there’s a nasty smell at Gate A3, Terminal 3, so […]

  • Nocturnal manoeuvres

    As San Francisco is not my favourite city in all of America, after work today I didn’t stick around in Palo Alto but went off to the airport to catch a flight to Seattle. Consistent with the last time I did this, Alaska’s plane was an hour late taking off, because of rain. Which is […]

  • Late night flight to Seattle

    I’d booked a seat on the last flight out of San Francisco to Seattle, not realising that as my Lyrt driver would be booking it to SFO, I’d arrive with three hours to spare. That was good, because the flight was delayed by an hour, and so were the flights before it. As a result, […]

  • Waiting for take off

    As usual, we took off late from Heathrow. That seems to happen every single time I fly with BA to Singapore, except for when my family accompanies me. I suppose it’s better than it being the other way around. I’ve recently gone up a tier in frequent flyer membership (I’m now “Ruby” with OneWorld, which […]