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  • Still delayed

    The flight from Salt Lake City left on time, which was the only one that did today. We flew to Detroit and landed half an hour ahead of schedule, so rather than the sprint through the airport I’d feared, I just walked twenty yards from one gate to another. And then the flight to Toronto […]

  • Peggy’s Cove, cankles and meat

    I woke up this morning with a fuzzy head and no ankles. My legs had swollen so much on the flight they were just sausage shapes from knee to toe. This is possibly good for my feet, otherwise so painfully thin that you can see the tendons. Well, there has to be some positive to […]

  • Lost in transit?

    The plane got slower and slower, until it finally arrived two hours and 42 minutes late. The flight attendants were rather confusing; I saw one going around with a sheet of paper with all the connecting flights on it, but I couldn’t get her attention. Instead, another attendant told me there was no information and […]

  • Cutting down

    I think we’ve gone beyond Peak Baby Paraphernalia and now we’re gradually reducing the amount of stuff we have to carry with us while travelling. Destroyer refuses to sleep in the travel cot we bought at great expense, so that got sold to somebody else in Singapore and we freed up half of a suitcase […]

  • Revolving airports

    I watched an awful lot of rubbish on the plane on the way back to Singapore. Most of it was so rubbish that it left no trace on my memory apart from a vague sense of disappointment, and then there was Legend, which did a fairly bad job of romanticising the Krays: a nicer pair […]

  • Another parkrun

    This morning I went for another parkrun. After yesterday’s bogfest in the hills of Croydon, my watch had told me I needed to take 46 hours rest before the next bit of exercise. I don’t think my watch was very wrong; I woke sore, head and lungs not quite right. Perhaps I was trying to […]

  • Flying again

    It’s starting to get ridiculous. It feels like I hardly got back to Singapore, and I’m already heading back to the airport. Given all I packed in between 2am on Sunday and now, it should feel like a long time has passed, especially as I didn’t waste time sleeping, but I think the generalised fatigue […]

  • The King In Yellow, returned again

    Coming back to Singapore was a lot was easier than going out. For a start, instead of a decrepit 747, the plane on the way back was a nice new 777, with an entertainment system that didn’t crap out after 90 minutes. That’s more than you could say for me; I watched the end of […]

  • Feckless in Seattle

    After going to the office today for some meetings where I managed to contribute valid points (or was so out of my mind that I thought I was contributing valid points when I was actually quacking like a duck and making obscene gestures) I took the afternoon off, to go look for more luggage.

  • Early panic

    We decided to pack tonight: from the end of next week, we’ll be travelling, together for three weeks and then when I return to Singapore, my wife will only be at the start of her trek across Canada. I’m glad we started a week before the first flight, as we have to grapple with the […]