Early panic

We decided to pack tonight: from the end of next week, we’ll be travelling, together for three weeks and then when I return to Singapore, my wife will only be at the start of her trek across Canada. I’m glad we started a week before the first flight, as we have to grapple with the enormity of the task ahead of us.

It’s easier for me, I suppose. Gold status on Delta means I get an extra checked bag for free (although for three weeks, I can manage to live out of one bag. But for my wife, with an array of trinkets to take back to Halifax, and wedding clothes, and all the insane paraphernalia that is required when you need to transport a baby across country, it’s substantially more challenging.

At least we’re not attempting to take a tent and sleeping bags with us, but we need summery clothes, warm clothes for the harsh cold of Seattle’s summer nights, burp cloths, innumerable changes of clothing for La Serpiente Negra, toys to entertain her, cameras and phones and all the chargers those need, shoes, medicine, and everything to pack into a suitcase that can be hefted off baggage carousels by a five foot woman holding a baby on one hip. It’s not impossible, but it’s the sort of challenge where you consider buying more, larger luggage to solve it. Or spending days at various post offices, mailing some essential supplies on to future destinations.

Thank heavens for Kindles, rather than trying to transport heavy books, and thank heavens for ipads, which make Kindles redundant when you can just load an app onto your tablet instead. If only there were electronic versions of underpants and socks, life would be an order of magnitude easier.

Our child sleeps peacefully on, while we go out of our tiny minds trying to fit more things in. I’m hoping and praying that nobody gives us anything, but I know full well how generous our friends can be: if at any point the volume of stuff we’re given exceeds what we can give away, we could be in real trouble.

Or bankrupt from extra baggage fees.

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  1. A word of wisdom, before you even sally forth, deposit a spare key with a trusted acquaintance. I speak from experience. Only last week the second after the front door slammed shut I realised I was clutching two sets of car keys and no front door key, and had no way of gaining re-entry. My neighbour was of no help, as the new key I had entrusted with him had been inadvertently thrown away in favour of the old key that opened the old lock which had also been thrown out. Key holder 2 was at work, key holder 3 was on holiday, but fortunately keyholder 4 was available to first laugh at my predicament and then give me a key. And don’t mention your father, he was out yomping in the monsoon that was the Kent countryside. Only 20 miles to go until he reaches Canterbury !
    Anyway back to your predicament, knowing how possessions bed down in the case when packed a few days in advance, does this mean you will never actually be able to unpack for fear they won’t fit in again. Enough of my ramblings, just look forward to all the wonderful places and people you will see/meet .

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