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  • Early to bed and early to rise

    Having gone to bed at six without bath or dinner, I expected La Serpiente to be up four hours later complaining, but she slept in silence until past midnight, when she woke and called for me in her most piteous tone. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she was panting, but I calmed […]

  • The power of suction

    While I was buying varnish for my stool on the weekend, I also bought two plastic bags. I’m sure, reader, that you are reaching for the smelling salts, so overcome by the excitement of this tale that it’s a struggle not to faint on the spot. But still, your overbeating heart – things are going […]

  • We’re not friends any more

    Tonight I was planning on going onto Facebook and sifting out all my friends from all the casual acquaintances, ex work colleagues, people I went to school with twenty years ago and random adds, and deleting anyone who isn’t a real friend. I’m not sure if this plan was born from simple misanthropism, a desire […]

  • Early panic

    We decided to pack tonight: from the end of next week, we’ll be travelling, together for three weeks and then when I return to Singapore, my wife will only be at the start of her trek across Canada. I’m glad we started a week before the first flight, as we have to grapple with the […]

  • Eight hours to take off

    One good thing about getting up at two in the morning to go to the airport is that you don’t have time to worry about what you’ve forgotten to pack. One bad thing about getting up at two in the morning is that you don’t get any sleep the night before, because you’re worrying about […]

  • Parting is sweet sorrow

    We started packing at 9:30 in the evening and finished around midnight. When we flew into Heathrow from Singapore, we had two bags that were about half full. Returning, we have three bags, each packed to the seams. I spent some time with the scales, juggling items between bags to ensure the correct blend of […]