Eight hours to take off

One good thing about getting up at two in the morning to go to the airport is that you don’t have time to worry about what you’ve forgotten to pack. One bad thing about getting up at two in the morning is that you don’t get any sleep the night before, because you’re worrying about what you will have forgotten to pack.

At least this time round, we’ve been suitably chastened by forgetting the iPad last time around, so we’ve been paying more attention to ensuring we have everything ready. When our taxi driver calls half an hour early to throw us into a blind panic, that organization will go by the wayside, but at least we have Felicity’s toy penguin, El Pingüino, safely packed in a suitcase. He will surely be just as good as a case full of negotiable bearer bonds, hard cash or some passports.

Today I had Balinese food, which turned out to be some sautéed vegetables and some rice. I submit this is due to my vegetarianism, rather than the unimaginativeness of Balinese cuisine, but you can’t be sure. I was in Clarke Quay, after all, that over-sanitized spot in the middle of Singapore.

Perhaps I was eating exotic food because I’m excited about travelling. Except rice isn’t very exotic, and it’s not as if Balinese food would be very exotic to anyone from Bali. Is that a point about intersubjective values, or am I just suffering from banging my head on a wardrobe door really hard this evening? Time will tell…

This evening I also learned my wife has two different Delta loyalty numbers (making up for Felicity, who has none) and discovered that we’re going to be jammed into the window and middle seat of the flight to Tokyo. I apologize in advance to whoever is sat next to us. It doesn’t appear that Delta allow you to request a baby bassinet in advance, although in a cynical mood, I might suggest we’ll arrive at the airport to be told the only way to get one is to request it in advance, via an imaginary page on Delta’s website. But that couldn’t happen, could it? Hope for the best, expect the worst. And pack clean underpants.

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