Parting is sweet sorrow

We started packing at 9:30 in the evening and finished around midnight. When we flew into Heathrow from Singapore, we had two bags that were about half full. Returning, we have three bags, each packed to the seams. I spent some time with the scales, juggling items between bags to ensure the correct blend of weight and volume in each. Then I went to bed.

One significant advantage to packing the night before is that you can leave your luggage to settle. Overnight, the weight of what you’ve put in will cause the innards to compress, driving out excess air and providing a little extra space.

My wife was skeptical of this, but was pleasantly surprised this morning to find we could still fit more inside our bags. The other advantage is that if you pack the night before, you should not be in a state of utter panic, and won’t tend to omit things by accident.

Conversely, you may forget where you’ve packed things. Somewhere at the bottom of one of the three suitcases, buried beneath everything else, is a dummy to soothe our child on the way to the airport. There’s no way that we will be able to fit everything back in again if we start taking things out, so I guess we’ll have to put up with the wails of an unhappy child if she awakes en route.

She, at least, slept well last night. I woke up after four and a half hours sleep and couldn’t get myself down again. I tried everything, including a Suduko puzzle, but even that couldn’t bore me into unconsciousness. That may assure me of a decent night’s sleep as soon as we reach the airplane, or it may mean that I’m going to be in an utter state. Who knows?

We called BA four weeks ago to request that we were put into a row with a bassinet for our daughter, and they said they’d accede to that request, which makes it disappointing to check in online and find that they haven’t. We’re going to see if we can blag a row of three seats by picking the aisle and window seats and hoping nobody is fool enough to want to sit between us for thirteen hours – so that may be another exciting adventure for somebody. I hope everyone on the plane has had a good night’s sleep in preparation.

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  1. Lost and found, one soother, lonely as a cloud, and soon to be dispatched by pigeon post to its rightful owner.

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