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  • Lying in wait

    Although my flight took off about an hour late from Singapore, it made up time and arrived only ten minutes behind schedule. I slept for most of the flight. I woke up, discovered that The Predator is a terrible sequel to Predator, the sort that somehow makes the original worse as well, and then I […]

  • Back to Perth

    This morning I had to conduct an interview and then spend time chasing up an appointment for my MRI, so I worked from home, planning to go straight to the airport. But then at the last moment I found I had to go to the office, so I somewhat frantically packed the last things into […]

  • Air Traffic Conditions

    Coming Into the final approach to Manila, I was idly looking out the window at the city and wondering how long a taxi would take to get me to my hotel, when all of a sudden the pilot put his foot down and took the plane back up again, before banking us into a slow […]

  • Life on planes

    When I boarded UA1 in San Francisco, I was so tired that, despite my best efforts, I soon fell asleep, waking later with a sore neck to find I’d folded forwards like a prawn and drooled into my t-shirt. I did at least have he window seat in a bulkhead row, but there’s not enough […]

  • Going home again

    All the way to Heathrow, I had a nagging feeling that we were going on the wrong day, and we’d arrive at the airport to find either that we were a day early or a day late. We rented our car from the Sixt over the road from Hatton Cross tube station, and when we […]

  • Leaving Portugal for England

    We left Foz do Arelho today and drove down to Peniche, a small outcrop of rock on the way to Lisbon. It was quite beautiful staring out at the Atlantic, but also it gave me horrendous vertigo to be on some rocks high above the crashing waves, so after we had enough pictures of the […]

  • Leaving again so soon?

    One advantage of visiting the trampoline park the weekend before you fly is that when your wife knackers her ankle, she gets a wheelchair to propel herself around the airport, and even better you’re all upgraded to the Special Service Lounge at Changi, a quiet space with dim lighting and soft chairs to sit in. […]

  • 167 hours to go

    I got up at six and went straight to the airport, sneaking out without a shower to avoid waking anyone up. The ride to the airport was in an electric car, near silently swooshing past darkened housing blocks all the way to Changi Terminal 2, which seems to be a madhouse on Sunday mornings. Crowds […]

  • Avoiding responsibilities

    I had forgotten that La Serpiente’s school was closed for the half term break, so when I prised myself off her floor at 7:45 I immediately panicked about needing to get washed, dressed and fed before sprinting out the door with her at 8:15. My wife saw me rush around in scatter-brained, eyes-wide-shut mode for […]

  • The Quick Route Out Of Bangkok

    I was in Bangkok for a meeting yesterday, and after staying overnight and inadvertently blocking the toilet in the hotel room, I went back to the airport with my colleagues. We took a taxi rather than the train, so we arrived only an hour before our flight was scheduled to depart. I was surprised that […]