Lying in wait

Although my flight took off about an hour late from Singapore, it made up time and arrived only ten minutes behind schedule. I slept for most of the flight. I woke up, discovered that The Predator is a terrible sequel to Predator, the sort that somehow makes the original worse as well, and then I slept through half a film about the recent Hatton Garden robbery.
Thus I arrived quite rested at Heathrow, got my bag and got in a hire car driven at tremendous pace through the empty streets of early morning London. I had hoped to get back before the girls woke up so I could surprise them, but instead arrived at 645 am to see them staring out the living room window of my parents’ place, ecstatic to see me.

Cue much gibbering and bouncing up and down. At about midday I took them to Diet Croydon, and it rained, and it was cold, and I was gutted to find my children don’t eat mince pies.

I bought a very cheap pair of boots (I had a nice pair I bought in Canada a few years ago, but because Singapore they’ve rotted and the soles have fallen off them) and then we all went home again, apart from my wife. Somebody had pilfered her Oyster card – merry Christmas to you too.

I’m the evening the kids were fairly manic. I opened my long awaited birthday presents, then put the kids to bed, then faded out of life completely. And tomorrow we go to Gatwick. One airport every day…

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