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  • First night in the US

    … It’s strange writing that, after so many previous trips to America (and especially Seattle) but now here I am. I hadn’t realised that the flight from Hong Kong to Seattle would be OS insanely long – I’ve been used to Narita-Seatac, which is 8 hours, whereas Hong Kong-Seatac is 11 and a half. There […]

  • Sleepy time

    I got home tonight and put the kids to sleep, falling asleep myself before 8pm, and waking only to realise I have to be up for calls at 6:45 tomorrow. A wave of exhaustion rushed over me, as, zombified, I tried to prep the kids’ toy room for me to take my calls. Common sense […]

  • Back again, exhausted

    I couldn’t really sleep on the plane – despite having legroom in my bulkhead seat, not being able to lie down, or have any pillows to prop my head against, made it hard to snooze. So I had a few fitful naps, and wished for more. I’d had less than four hours sleep before the […]

  • Dicey

    After a long flight, where I spent much of it draped across three seats, and a wait while an engineer had to be summoned to open the doors into the terminal, and then a 20 minute yomp to Immigration, and then an interminable wait for my luggage to appear, and a 90 minute car journey, […]

  • Learning for myself and the kids

    Yesterday, after promising it to her for six months, I finally took La Serpiente to the Decathlon superstore and bought her a real bike, with pedals and brakes and everything. But without stabilisers, despite the security guard outside the shop telling me she needed them, because if there’s one thing that holds you back from […]

  • Lying in wait

    Although my flight took off about an hour late from Singapore, it made up time and arrived only ten minutes behind schedule. I slept for most of the flight. I woke up, discovered that The Predator is a terrible sequel to Predator, the sort that somehow makes the original worse as well, and then I […]

  • Wakey wakey

    I was up at 5 this morning, unable to sleep. I got up and went to the toilet, sure I was being quiet, only for La Serpiente to intercept me in the living room after I’d done my business. She was clutching Uncle Genk, her favourite teddy bear, and insisting that I had an animal […]

  • Treats that aren’t television and other revelations

    Our first flight, from Montreal to Tokyo, was blissfully relaxing; I got to doze and watch as many films as I liked. I realise now that I reached this beatific state by allowing the kids to also watch as much television as they liked. I.e. for the entire duration of the flight. When we arrived […]

  • The long haul

    Our flight out of Montreal was delayed by two hours, due to a technical fault. Well, at 10am it was announced that our 2pm scheduled departure was going to be 4pm,and that prediction was only half an hour optimistic vs our eventual 430 departure. A few immediate conclusions: Whatever Air Canada can do, it seems […]

  • Things I Saw In San Francisco

    This morning before breakfast I went for a walk, on an unsuccessful trip to buy my father Cremo body wash. On my walk I saw: A man stripped to the waist, running sprints of ten metres or so, and then stopping to spray his face with one of those bottles of water you use to […]