After a long flight, where I spent much of it draped across three seats, and a wait while an engineer had to be summoned to open the doors into the terminal, and then a 20 minute yomp to Immigration, and then an interminable wait for my luggage to appear, and a 90 minute car journey, I finally got home. I’m a bit tired now. 

I worked from home today rather than risk commuting. I had interviews to conduct, and in my breaks from this I helped my parents tidy up my old bedroom, and despaired at how much stuff there was. I did make £10 selling an old miniature that I found, so that was some profit to the day, as well as reducing how much junk there is in the house. 

I also found a pot containing a lot of the dice I used to have (although I’m sure I had more). I picked out the most fun colours and shapes, and these can all be things for my daughters to play with when I get home.

And now, a very long way from the right time zone, it’s time for me to sleep. Oh, my brain… 

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