Back again, exhausted

I couldn’t really sleep on the plane – despite having legroom in my bulkhead seat, not being able to lie down, or have any pillows to prop my head against, made it hard to snooze. So I had a few fitful naps, and wished for more. I’d had less than four hours sleep before the taxi had corn to whisk me at terrifying speed to the airport, and then the plane had taken off late, so there was certainly more time I could have spent in bed.

On the positive side, my plane arrived an hour ahead of schedule in Singapore. On the negative, it arrived in a thunderstorm and due to the risk of lightning strikes, they wouldn’t unload any baggage, so I spent an hour waiting for my bag. At least Changi are generous enough to offer you refreshments while you waited. 

I got a taxi home, took the girls out for pancakes and then to school, then went to work, where it felt like I had a bag of wet sand where my brain once was. How I survived today I can’t imagine. I got home, ate dinner, had a forty minute nap, put the kids to sleep, woke up an hour later with drool on my shirt, played an hour of a violent computer game, and then prepped for bed. Tomorrow will be normal, right?

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