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  • What I Learned This Weekend

    If you’re jet lagged from flying from London to Singapore and Singapore to Tokyo and Tokyo to Singapore in less than 7 days, you won’t run very fast. I went out for a run this evening around 8:30, and didn’t manage even 3 km before turning back, knackered. I find myself in a quandary; if […]

  • More jet lag

    I didn’t sleep very well on the plane on the way over, on account of the flight attendants, who made we wake up when I was exhausted in order to feed me food that I didn’t want to eat. I wasn’t like I was wearing a sleep mask or noise-cancelling headphones. Oh, so I was. […]

  • Return of the King

    I made it back to the parental home about 4pm today, having had no more than three hours sleep since Sunday morning, and was greeted by my firstborn jumping up and down with excitement.

  • Overcooked before Christmas

    I had about three hours of sleep this morning, and so I felt pretty dingy at 6 am. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to sleep, and I also knew that my willpower wasn’t going to be so great tonight, so I forced myself to get up and put on my running […]

  • Plane tired

    They feed you at the wrong time on Delta. Maybe they don’t understand, or maybe they don’t care, but one sure way to make it harder to cross time zones is to eat for the time zone you’re leaving, rather than the one you’re flying to. A case in point was Friday’s flight from New […]

  • Jet lag with child

    As I expected, children and jet lag don’t go very well together.

  • Three hours later

    Our two daughters were both still on Nova Scotian time. For Butterball Destroyer that wasn’t such a problem, because her cycle of drinking, sleeping and excreting runs on a perpetual loop, ignorant of the time of day, but for La Serpentine Aquatica Negra, the four hour offset was more troubling.

  • Sleepy in London

    The flight from Halifax to Heathrow was just too short. Five hours was not enough time for La Serpiente to get an adequate night’s sleep, and so she reemerged into England tired and grumpy. She howled all the way through Customs (a very long walk from the gate, as it’s Terminal 2) and she was […]

  • Baby gates

    What better way to relieve the stress of jet lag than by installing a baby gate at the top of the stairs in your parents’ house? (For extra, ruinous fun my parents have very steep, narrow stairs with a very smooth carpet lain on them, perfect for spectacular slides and crashes). The instructions for the […]

  • How to avoid jet lag

    The cure for jet-lag is simple: copious volumes of Vitamin A. No, not retinoic acid. The real stuff, the hard stuff, Vitamin Alcohol.